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More stable builds

In order to work towards stable builds, Bleep manages some software which is often just picked up from the environment, will typically be different between computers.

Bleep manages itself

Bleep functions as a launcher for itself. You specify the version you want in bleep.yaml, and it'll automatically download and run the specified version

$version: 0.0.1-M18

Note that this can be overridden by supplying --dev to Bleep, in that case it will run the binary you have.

Bleep manages JVMs

You can (optionally) specify a JVM to use for compiling and running your project.

name: graalvm-java17:22.2.0

If you don't, Bleep will fallback to what is discovered through JAVA_HOME.

Bleep manages Node

For Scala.js projects, you can also specify the version of node you want to use. It'll also be automatically downloaded and used

jsNodeVersion: 18.4.0

Bleep does not (yet) manage LLVM (for Scala Native)

It is an open question whether it's feasible to supply a given version of LLVM.