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Managing compile-servers

Bleep uses Bloop to compile and run your projects.

Roughly there are two modes of operation:

1) Bleep will keep compile-server running between each invocation

This is the default behaviour, but if you need to change back this is the command:

$ bleep config compile-server auto-shutdown-disable

Note that since projects can specify the exact JVM they will be compiled with, and Bloop run the Scala compiler on the JVM it is started with, more than one compile servers may be started if necessary.

If you want to stop all running Bloop servers started by Bleep, this is the command:

$ bleep config compile-server stop-all

2) Bleep will start a compile-server for each invocation

This is slower, but will conserve memory.

To enable this mode run this command:

$ bleep config compile-server auto-shutdown-enable