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Selecting projects

Your build may have many projects, so there is some built-in convenience to select groups of projects.

Whenever you give project names to a bleep command, for instance to bleep compile/test/publish-local, you can provide crossIds instead. This will select a group of cross projects with that crossId. If you have worked with a cross-built project you will have seen names like myproject@jvm213 - the crossId is the part after @.

Note that any transitive dependencies will also be selected.

These groups are discoverable because they also appear in tab-completions.

Understand which projects are chosen

You can pass the group names to bleep projects to see which projects are implied by a group

$ bleep projects jvm213
📗 Launching Bleep version 0.0.1-M18 as requested in /Users/oyvind/bleep/bleep.yaml [t => 11 ms]
📗 bootstrapped in 5 ms [t => 18 ms]
📗 bleep-cli [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-cli-test [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-core@jvm213 [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-model@jvm213 [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-tasks-mdoc@jvm213 [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-tasks-publishing@jvm213 [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-tasks@jvm213 [t => 20 ms]
📗 bleep-test-harness@jvm213 [t => 20 ms]
📗 scripts [t => 20 ms]
📗 scripts-init [t => 20 ms]

Selecting projects via subfolders

If you have grouped your projects in subfolders, you can use the subfolders to select projects

$ pwd
$ bleep projects|wc -l
$ cd integrations/
$ bleep projects|wc -l
$ bleep projects-test|wc -l

This means that running bleep compile in integrations will compile the projects contained within

Intersection of subfolders and names

These two approaches compose so you can use both at the same time:

$ cd integrations/
$ bleep projects jvm213|wc -l

Setting up build in IDE

You can also use (combinations of) project names and group names when setting up which projects will be made available in your IDE!

Note: subfolder selection does not work when setting up projects in IDE