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About Bleep

Yes, yes, yes. Yet another build tool.

Bleep emphasizes

  • fast
  • simple
  • automatic import from sbt
  • one-second project import into your IDE through BSP
  • top-notch CLI experience

Intrigued? Keep reading!


Bleep automatically imports and builds huge projects, like tapir or http4s.

It's early days, but most major things are already working. This is a great time to test it and get involved!

What, exactly?

If you have an interest in build tools you'll probably know Bloop, the Scala build server.

Bloop has already defined an almost perfect json format for describing how to build, run, test, debug, link and so on. This json format has two drawbacks:

  • bound to one machine
  • verbose

Bleep uses coursier to enable you to write essentially portable Bloop json files without the boilerplate.

Bleep is compiled with native image to be fast, it starts ~instantly.